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About Us

About Us

Aarna IT Technology Pvt. Ltd. was conceived and conceptualized in 2019 and is a leading solutions provider working across verticals to accelerate smooth digital transformation. The venture has managed to reach heights with the support of dedicated professionals aimed at delivering best in class IT solutions.

It is a people-oriented and employee-friendly company. Since we truly believe that happy and energized employees are the key to our success and if people have fun doing what they do, they tend to do it even better. We are like a family, that Eats Together and Plays Together. Here everyone is treated with equal respect regardless of the designation and encouraged to express their opinions, ideas and feedback which is key to keep them happy and helps us to deliver outstanding results on a consistent basis.

We utilizes state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern technology, well qualified and experienced human resources with high end software technology.

Our development centre focuses on timely delivery of quality and meaningful secured Solutions, at an affordable price, that foster measurable results and satisfaction to our clients.


It's great to hear more about AarnaIT Technology's offerings and achievements.

Your comprehensive range of IT services, which includes application development, product development, mobile application development, web designing, maintenance and support, graphics designing, web hosting, testing, and SEO, demonstrates your company's capability to address various aspects of the IT industry.

Our commitment to quality projects and utilization of cutting-edge technologies positions AarnaIT Technology as a forward-looking and innovative company. Your strong track record in terms of delivering projects with high quality, timely delivery, and valuable contributions shows your dedication to client satisfaction and professionalism.

If there's anything else you'd like to share or discuss about AarnaIT Technology's services , projects or approach please feel free to let me know!

Company Philosophy

It's evident that AARNAIT Technology places a strong emphasis on flexibility, quality, and client satisfaction in its software development processes. Your commitment to adjusting your approach based on clients' requirements and considering quality work as a pre-requisite demonstrates a customer-centric mindset.

The principle of "every day counts" highlights your dedication to efficiency and productivity, ensuring that you make the most of your time to deliver valuable solutions. Being recognized as the Best Website Development Company in Lucknow showcases your expertise and reputation in the field.

Your philosophy of seeing profits in the gain of others and prioritizing your clients' needs is a commendable approach. This approach not only benefits your clients but also fosters a positive reputation for your company in the long run.

If you have any further details you'd like to share or if you have questions about AARNAIT Technology's philosophy or services, feel free to let me know!

Why Choose Us

  • 10+ years of Excellent and client oriented services.

  • Highly skilled team for building and maintaining every project we undertake.

  • Domestic as well as international clienatge.

  • 24/7 online support.

  • Dedicated Expertise Team.

  • 5000+ projects successfully delivered.

  • Flexible Costing for the Solutions.

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    AARNAIT TECHNOLOGY Works with you to ensure that you are able to scale your team based purely on your needs. Our onsite and offshore blend ensures that the small and midsize businesses get the same competitive advantage that was available only to big players.



    1st Floor, SriRaj Complex
    Near Bank of Baroda,
    Matiyari, Chinhat
    Lucknow, 226028

    (+91) 8299575412