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AARNAIT TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD. One of the most prominent IT company of India. A dynamic new generation software development,web designing, applications development and digital marketing company. Since the 1st year of its inception and operations AARNAIT TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry and has increased its business by acquiring some major domestic projects ( hospital, e-commerce, school, companies, websites, web applications, constructions, banking,loan software etc) and applications ( android IOS). No doubt the company has been able to make a name for itself in a relatively short span of time only because of its ability and communications to ensure customer satisfaction by rewarding quality work on right time and in a right manner. AARNAIT combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver result.
100+ client have been satisfied till now

Some of our latest projects are:-

One Helth Website

One helth believes in providing an amicable and flexible work environment, which inspires Doctors to ideate, act and converse freely. While there is a strong focus on teamwork but there is an equal emphasis on empowerment and accountability.
As we’re operating in a fast moving, rapidly changing, customer centric and knowledge domain, we’re looking for people who are open, flexible and on a learning curve to join our fast-growing oneHelth team.
We all know that good health and good sense are life's greatest blessings. Good health plays a crucial role in the life of a human being. An unhealthy person won’t do anything fruitful in his life. Preservation of health is indispensable.
It is confined to natural’s laws involving body, mind and environment. These laws relate to fresh air, sunlight, healthy diet, regular exercise, yoga, meditation, relaxation, enough sleep and cleanliness. There are many factors that affect a person’s health that can be physical, biological, psychological, and social stress.

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Nagar Panchayat Gaighat Website

Basti District is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India (India). Basti municipality is the headquarters of this district. This district is also the headquarters of the mandal under which a total of three districts, Basti, Siddharth Nagar and Sant Kabir Nagar come. Janpad Basti was in ancient times a village in the Himalayan plains surrounded by forest, which used to be the ashram of sage Vashishta. Rahe Thee, Kalantar Mein Es Sthan Ka Naam Basti Pad Gaya| With the passage of time and desertification, deforestation has almost stopped and the land has been used for agriculture, where agricultural land is quite fertile. Around the sixteenth century, the kingdom of Kalhan Raja was here In the year 1801, Basti became the Tehsil Headquarters and then in 1865 it was established as the District Headquarters

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Nagar Panchayat Gaighat Mapping Software

Nagar Panchayat Gaighat Mapping Softwere

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Website Application

Mobile Application

Branzocart is the best online shopping site in PAN India for a few trendy and economic efficient fashion & lifestyle. It is your one stop fashion destination for everything. Branzocart assures you of a great shopping experience with a wide selection across categories like fashion,electronics, home,kitchen and more. We provide or create same software for all the registered and to be registered sellers. It generate a software which manage all the sellers, users, bookings, and tracking schedule.
Customer Software:- Customer can browse and search for their desired products by product name, category or brands. Enjoy up-to the minute order tracking on the app, get notified on latest deals, price drops and upcoming launches. Customer can also check ratings and reviews given by other customers along with seller ratings, price and description of the product while buying. Customer can also add their product to their wishlist. After place order, choose among easy payment options like, cash on delivery (COD), Debit card, Credit card, net banking.
Seller Software:- Seller can manage and maintain all the records of their product and sales. Follow the link:

Micro Finance Software

Micro finance is an initiative which deals with the large section of an economy and covers all the financial need and how to provide it to the needed one. A macro finance includes the drafting policy, subsidies, multi-year expansion plans
Microfinance is a way in which loans, credit, insurance, access to savings accounts, and money transfers are provided to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the underdeveloped parts of India. The beneficiaries of microfinance are those who do not have access to these traditional financial resources.


The purpose of microfinance is to lend a helpful hands towards needy people. So generally the borrowers of microfinance are the people belonging to underdeveloped part of India and Small businessmen or entrepreneurs. the money which can be availed under microfinance are usually the small amount.
Key Features of Microfinance: Some of the significant features of microfinance are as follows: The borrowers are generally from low income backgrounds Loans availed under microfinance are usually of small amount, i.e., micro loans The loan tenure is short Microfinance loans do not require any collateral These loans are usually repaid at higher frequencies The purpose of most microfinance loans is income generation

Points to Note:

*The borrower gets the above-mentioned services at their convenience
*The repayment schedule is also decided by the borrower
*Interest rates charged by MFIs are usually higher than that of traditional banks
*Interest rates vary widely based on the loan purpose and borrower history
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Website Application

Mobile Application

Doctsab is a doctor online appointment platform. It is an application of prior booking. It is very easy to use. It works in PAN India. We provide/create same software for all the registered and to be registered doctor’s. In doctsab main software is used to manage all the doctors, patients, reception and OPD booking.
Doctors software:- Doctors can manage their profile, patients records, working hours,leave etc. They can update and maintain their profile and can write their blog.
Reception software:- It keeps the records of online bookings.
Patients software:- Patients can register themselves from the available slots with the doctor they seek to consult in PAN India.It offers doctor’s of different specialization. Follow the link:

Finance Software

This software manages all the work of CA and finance. It manages voucher, ledger, account summary, trial balance, balance sheet profit and loss sheet online.
It includes company registration, user registration, site registration, company details, user details.
Also create groups and ledger groups, account summary.
Manage the accounts of company, user sitewise. It also functionalised with payment voucher by user and receipt voucher by remote user. It also register the vehicles, doing the billing entry gives journal voucher, payment. It includes all the financial work of construction company in easiest way. Follow the link:

Online OPD Software

This application can be used for generating Online OPD registration for availing outpatient services. Patient can book the appointment according to their time schedule.
If the patient is in critical state our staff will attend them immediately. Emergency medical services will be provided by them and the doctor will attend it. We as a team work hard to ensure prompt and effective service to every patient with special care given to critically ill patients.
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Hospital Management Software

It is a prescription software, it manages all the works of hospital. Through this software doctors can print/ write recipt of any patients within 2 minutes. Doctor can give the medicine and add the prescription online. Also it includes the IPD registration, manage IPD as well as OPD patients record, manage payment, manage OPD Doctor - Patients record etc. Also it can manage the test records of patients. Maintain and manage the hospitals each and every need. It is install based, the most robust, paper less and comprehensive solution for the hospitals. The cost is affordable. By this hospital management software you can streamline the workflow, manage patients data, OPD, IPD, to doctors schedule with very accurately. Under this software 5 panels are given:
1-Reception( entry of patients)
2-Junior doctor
3-Doctor Prescription
4-Super admin panel
5-Account panel. Follow the link:

School Management Software

It consists of various module that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining students records, academic history, and other essentials student information. It includes HR, Admin, Teacher, Staff and all other records.
In this software we can manage the students records, print single as well as multiple , print transfer certificate , print character certificate of students. Also includes marksheets management of transportation system . The software is extremely easy to use. you can easily create , edit, and share time table.
Also includes management of trasportation system. The software is extremely easy to use. You can easily create, edit, and share time table.
Applications pertaining to classroom and students , attendance, curriculum assessments and report cards.


AARNAIT TECHNOLOGY Works with you to ensure that you are able to scale your team based purely on your needs. Our onsite and offshore blend ensures that the small and midsize businesses get the same competitive advantage that was available only to big players.



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